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Cablewise Electrical Services PTY Ltd.  has been established in Melbourne since 2007 by Simon England who has built a high quality reputation for Cablewise with some impressive clients & a diverse range of projects. Simon previously owned a successful Electrical contracting company in London for 15 years & has carried his passion for high quality work to exacting standards here in Melbourne whilst expanding the services, products  & knowledge offered in line with this fast moving industry.
So with close to 30 years of experience in the electrical industry you can be assured of great knowledge & friendly advice being applied to your wiring needs be they: Electrical, Data, Smart homes or energy saving solutions.
Simon England
Director, A grade electrician & registered cabler



One thing Cablewise prides itself on is Testing & verifying our work to the exacting Australian standards. But with Cablewise you dont just get a tick to say it complies you get a full test sheet of Results.


It has amazed us how few Contractors own test equipment let alone use it or keep records to verify their work complies. So we are trying to raise the bar which is why  we issue on top of the ESV certification a thorough UK & South Australia style test result sheet to prove we have verified our work & it complies with AS/NZ 3000  



We also offer Periodic inspections


1) Visual:  for a basic report & overview of the age & any compliance issues obvious to us


2) Detailed test Report:


These provide in depth testing releasing essential information & insight into safety issues which will highlight any potential areas where safety can be improved or where defects are present in the electrical wiring.


these sheets are based on the periodic inspection reports which are mandatory in the UK for all electrical installations domestic or commercial & are essential to ensure your greatest asset & investment is kept safe.





Free estimates  (lets meet)

“No obligation free estimates with friendly knowledgeable advice to the Bayside area & beyond"

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